The Coach’s Casebook

Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us

In The Coach’s Casebook you share the experience of a skilled coach meeting twelve clients, each struggling with one of the traits which every coach will face again and again in their coaching work.

Geoff Watts

Author: Geoff Watts, One of the most experienced and respected Scrum coaches in the world.

Written by UK's Leading Scrum Master

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What's inside this book

Exploration of the 12 most common traits in coaching practice including people pleasing, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, performance anxiety and procrastination

An insight into the coach’s emotions, thought processes and reflections

Inspirational insights from individuals such as Alec Stewart, Lewis Moody, Greg Dyke and Arctic explorer Pen Hadow

47 practical, tried and tested techniques which you can use today to help your clients to change the habits of a lifetime

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What you'll learn

What a coaching relationship is really like
The value of coaching supervision
A number of practical techniques you can use in your coaching
How successful people have mastered their traits
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How successful people have mastered their traits

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The Coach’s Casebook

The Twelve Traits That Trap Us

While all of the traits in this book are often instrumental in our success, when overdone they can trap us, limiting our potential and causing us anxiety and frustration. From the desire to please others to the feeling that we are an impostor and will be soon “found out”. From performance anxiety to a fierce independence and from being a perfectionist to being a procrastinator, you are bound to read this book and relate to something in there.

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Reviews & Testimonials

The insights in this book are presented in a simple and accessible manner leading to a profound impact for the reader. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
Damian Hughes, author of Liquid Leadership
Rigorous, challenging, pacy. This book provides an instantly digestible feast of learning. It’s a triumph!
Nancy Kline, bestselling author of Time To Think
For me the true gift of this book is that as readers we first have the opportunity to receive, in the form of progressing our own development and maturity. Then in doing so, we increase our ability to coach others.
Julie Starr, author of Brilliant Coaching and The Coaching Manual

Geoff Watts

About the Author

I help individuals create great teams by developing a culture of reflection, empowerment and engagement. Having started using Scrum at British Telecom, one of the first large-scale agile adoptions, I have since coached organisations large and small through their agile journeys.