Team Mastery with Milestone Cards

Team Mastery with Milestone Cards

A guide to getting your team from good to great with milestone cards to help chart and celebrate your journey.

Geoff Watts

Author: Geoff Watts, One of the most experienced and respected Scrum coaches in the world.

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The Concept

At last agile expert Geoff Watts has completed his Mastery trilogy. And it's been worth the wait! An innovative style of book including tear-out cards this book will help you become a truly great team.

Team Mastery: From Good to Great Agile Teamwork

What you'll learn from this book

What is greatness – The key characteristics of great teams and how your team can achieve greatness.

The path to greatness – The common milestones to aim for and look out for on your journey to greatness.

Tools for greatness – Hundreds of tools, techniques and resources to help your team grow.

The case for greatness – The risks and rewards of aiming for greatness

From Good to Great Agile Teamwork

What's inside

Ten real-life stories of teams becoming great
Fifty tear-out milestone cards to inspire and celebrate growth
Hundreds of tools, techniques and resources to support your journey
Calls to action your team can take on today
Access to an ever-growing online library of resources

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Team Mastery: From Good To Great Agile Teamwork

Have you been part of a great team? Amazing isn’t it?
Everyone pulling together, supporting each other and achieving great things. Speaking honestly, delivering quality and managing themselves. Having seen hundreds of teams I have identified the common patterns of great teams and share stories of how to grow in the important areas of:

  • Self-Improvement
  • Quality
  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Delivery

I believe everyone should have the experience of being part of a great team and this book will help more teams achieve greatness.

Team Mastery not only shares real life stories of teams finding their way from good to great but also contains 50 tear-out cards you can use to plan, track and celebrate your growth as a team.


This item will be released 30/04/2020.

Reviews & Testimonials

Your team can do a lot of things for itself if given a roadmap and compass to guide the path. This book is that roadmap and compass
Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams
Looking to improve your team? Read this book
Robb Lockwood, agile coach
I would love to have these cards as posters on the wall. They are great
Ron Jeffries, agile Yoda


The "Trilogy"

After the success of my two previous agile books - Scrum Mastery and Product Mastery - I have been asked many times when I would write the final book in the "trilogy" and inevitably call it Team Mastery.

Well, I have thought about it for a while and something has stopped me. Recently I realised what that was - I didn't think it felt right to write it as a traditional book.

Geoff Watts

About the Author

Geoff is one of the most respected agile coaches in the world and his books are some of the most widely read in the agile and coaching industries. He coaches teams, individuals and organisations to master their traits, build self-awareness and become great.