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Asking Permission vs. Inflicting Help

March 24, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

Recently I attended a “first aid course” as part of my voluntary work coaching a youth sports team. One of the first things I was told was that you must identify yourself to the injured person and ask if it is OK for you to help them. This was immediately challenged by one of the attendees….
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A Product Mastery Twitter Q&A

February 6, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

On Monday evening (in the UK) I held my first live Twitter Q&A; inviting questions about being a product owner to celebrate the release of my new book, Product Mastery.   Here’s what we chatted about.   Can the product owner be the ScrumMaster as well? Geoff: “It rarely ends well due to conflict of…
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Product Mastery, Chapter 1 sneak peak: Introducing Kenny.

January 23, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

Good product owners delay when they can. Great product owners decide when they must.   One of the most difficult yet important aspects of being a great product owner is learning how to be decisive in the face of incomplete information or conflicting priorities. When decisions are difficult it’s tempting to put them off—to do…
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Anyone fancy a training course in the pub?

January 17, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

Back in May 2016, Paul Goddard and I had a silly little idea to create a podcast set in a pub. The idea was we would meet up somewhere, in a pub, have a drink and talk about whatever came to mind. We would record it and post it. Simple.   We had no idea…
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And the Product Mastery Cover Winner Is…

January 14, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

We have a clear winner in the recent competition to choose your favorite cover for my new book Product Mastery: From Good to Great Product Ownership. In fact, the decision was almost unanimous. The winning cover design is shown below.     I decided to write Product Mastery because product owners are crucial for an…
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Expert Interview Series: Geoff Watts of Inspect and Adapt About Leadership and Self-Organising Teams

December 18, 2016 Published by Geoff Watts

I was recently approached by intelligent leadership and corporate culture authority, John Mattone, to be part of his ‘Expert Interview’ series. We talked leadership development and self-organising teams. Here are his first few questions: Why did you name your leadership development company “Inspect and Adapt?” We operate in a complicated and ever-changing world, where what…
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How To Be a Good Team Member

November 8, 2016 Published by Geoff Watts

One of the prime objectives of any leader is to create a team who can work well with one another. There have been several models, frameworks and diagnostic tools established to identify the ideal balance of skills, characteristics and demographics but what is behind any great team is essentially a commitment to be – as…
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Morpheus In The Matrix


Trust – The Agile Matrix

September 7, 2016 Published by Geoff Watts

What if everything I’ve believed to be true turned out to be false? I recently re-watched The Matrix – one of my favourite films of all time – and it made me think of my work, my values and the philosophy of agile approaches such as Scrum. I won’t go into the film other than…
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Sneak peak cheat sheet for ScrumMasters!

August 22, 2016 Published by Geoff Watts

Great ScrumMasters are RESPECTED. They have a reputation for integrity both within the team and in the wider organisation. My Scrum Mastery online course is relaunching at the start of September and will include four new features, including PDF ‘cheat sheets’. These will contain the key points and messages from the module along with some tips for…
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SWAT Team Actions


Great ScrumMasters Help Teams SWAT Their Actions

August 19, 2016 Published by Geoff Watts

“My team don’t complete their retrospective actions” Failing to put improvement actions into practice is something I hear a lot about from team leads, ScrumMasters, even team members themselves. They invest their time in a meeting to identify improvements, they bravely explore their areas for improvement and then commit to doing something about it…but then don’t. “How can…
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