Using Noodles to Coach for Change

January 01, 1970 Published by Geoff Watts

Geoff talks about how one can increase their ability to coach others to change by introducing his RAMEN coaching model. He shares stories from his own experience and family life to explain coaching techniques that can be used when you find yourself asking “How can I get so and so to do something?” that might help you change the question.

Geoff starts off by explaining that coaches operate on the premise that they can’t (and shouldn’t) try to change others but rather enable the conditions for change to happen should it be desired. He introduces us to his change equation that everyone assesses when considering doing something new and explains some of the psychology behind why change is hard.

He then introduces us to his RAMEN model for coaching for change (this is where the tentative link to Noodles comes in) and explains the importance of empathy and neutrality to build a base for helping people “reduce the concern” and “amplify the benefit” associated with the change before finishing with the importance of “Modelling the change” to avoid mixed messages and undermining your integrity as a coach.

During his explanation of the RAMEN model Geoff explains how you can earn bigger tips as a waitress, the thought process behind his and Paul’s Agile Pubcast, how you can “set your fears”, what the “Locus of Control” is and why’s it’s important to coaching for change and how swimming can help you achieve your REAL goals in life!

The slides for this talk can be downloaded here.

This talk was recorded at the Heart of England Scrum User Group in Birmingham in January 2018. You can find out more about this meetup group here

You can find out more about Geoff’s 1-2-1 Agile Coach Starter Pack here.

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