What Really is Agile Coaching?

January 01, 1970 Published by Geoff Watts

Geoff’s talk at Agile Yorkshire about Agile Coaching and Professional Coaching.

As the UK’s first Scrum Trainer and author of The Coach’s Casebook: Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us, Geoff Watts knows a thing or two about coaching agile teams. What you may not know is he is also a practising sports coach and qualified leadership coach so has a depth of knowledge across coaching landscape and can put into perspective what is means to be an agile coach and delve into how it can be effective.

Geoff talks about why he wrote The Coach’s Casebook and some of the traits that he wrote about including Impostor Syndrome – the feeling that you are a fraud that will soon be “caught out”, People Pleasing – the tendency to put other’s feelings and considerations above your own, and Perfectionism. He explains that none of these traits are bad and so they shouldn’t be sought to be eliminated but rather brought into BALANCE.

Geoff also talks about what the world of agile coaching has to gain from the world of professional coaching and how there may be a gap as things currently stand, especially as there is no role in the Scrum Guide for “Agile Coach” – a role that is becoming more and more prevalent.

The slides can be downloaded here.What Really Is Agile Coaching? – Slides from Agile Yorkshire


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