My Top Ten Agile Podcasts (well 11, actually!)

June 01, 2020 Published by Geoff Watts

Here are ten agile(ish) podcasts to listen to. With a mixture of agile, scrum, workplace and other insightful podcasts, this list came off the back of a question I received on Twitter and thought needed more than a single tweet reply. Below are all links to the podcasts mentioned and let me know if you have any more we should check out!

The Agile Pubcast, Geoff Watts & Paul Goddard: https://soundcloud.com/the-agile-pubcast

Why Agile Transformations Fail, Gez Smith: http://whyagiletransformationsfail.com/

Agile Amped, Solutions IQ: https://www.solutionsiq.com/agile-amped/

Scrum Master Toolbox, Vasco Duarte: https://scrum-master-toolbox.org/

Ted Talks Daily, Various: https://www.ted.com/about/programs-in…

1-3-20, Dan Pink: https://www.hubspot.com/one-three-twe…

Agile Uprising, Various: http://podcast.agileuprising.com/

Meta-Cast, Bob Galen & Josh Anderson: https://www.meta-cast.com/

21st Century Work Life, Pilar Orti: https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/pod…

Deliver It, Corey Bryan: http://www.deliveritcast.com/

Troubleshooting Agile, Jeffrey Fredrick & Douglas Squirrel: http://troubleshootingagile.com/

Agile For Humans, Ryan Ripley: https://ryanripley.com/agile-for-humans/

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