Product Owner Starter Pack

What is the Product Owner Starter Pack?

Being a product owner is a tough, demanding and sometimes lonely role. This starter pack is a set of six 90-minute one-on-one sessions – either face to face or virtually over the internet – where we will work through specific situations to help you become more effective in your role as Product Owner.

The topics we cover will be completely up to you but some of the more common topics include:

  • How do you know if you are doing the right thing?
  • How do you create and work with an engaged development team?
  • How are your values, beliefs and behaviours affecting your relationships with the team and the stakeholders?
  • How do you prioritise when everything is important?
  • Deciding when good enough is good enough
  • Balancing speed of delivery with quality and sustainability
  • Finding a sustainable pace for yourself and the team

How does the starter pack help Product Owners?

"By learning more about myself, I was able to better relate to the team. What felt like intangible benefits quickly turned into faster and higher quality deliveries."


The main benefits you will get from the Product Owner starter pack are:

  • The opportunity to analyse and make progress on tricky real-life scenarios
  • Improved decision-making
  • Greater understanding of the nuances of agile product development
  • Improved awareness of your impact as a Product Owner
  • Improved relationships with the team and the stakeholders
  • Improved awareness of your strengths and challenges
  • Increased confidence in your role

After the starter pack, there is an opportunity to migrate to an ad-hoc less-frequent cadence as necessary or even an email support option.

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Why does a product owner need a coach?

Having a coach provides a safe, neutral, non-judgemental environment to explore the nuances of what is a difficult role as a Product Owner. There are very few situations where there is a clear “right or wrong” approach and everything that you do, or don’t do, will have an impact on the behaviour and culture of the team and the organisation. Coaching will help you talk and think through the various options available to you, develop a strategy aligned to your objectives and values and then reflect on the implementation of that strategy over time.

I will focus on developing yours kills of self-reflection and critical thinking to increase your independence as opposed to simply passing on my own coaching wisdom. I operate independently and with confidentiality so you are free to work through your concerns, worries and anxieties without fear of it harming your career or relationships with colleagues.