Agile Leader Starter Pack

What is the Agile Leader Starter Pack?

Establishing an agile culture within your organisation is a challenge and it is imperative that leaders set the tone. Demonstrating agile values through your behaviour and moulding organisational process to enable greater self-organisation are key to the establishment of an agile organisational culture. This coaching pack is a set of six 90-minute one-on-one sessions – either face to face or virtually over the internet – where I will act as your coach supervisor or mentor-coach as you attempt to role model the values and principles of servant-leadership within your organisation.

The topics we cover will be completely up to you but some of the more common topics include:

  • How do you know if you are doing the right thing?
  • How to balance short-term learning with the long-term impacts?
  • How are you unconsciously impacting the individuals and teams in your organisation?
  • What is the appropriate level of delegation and how to gradually increase organisational autonomy?
  • Reflection on your performance and personal objectives
  • Are you becoming the leader you want to be?

How does the starter pack help Agile Leaders?

"As a result of my time spent with Geoff, I found myself more able to be the leader I wanted to be and my team responded brilliantly."


The main benefits you will get from the Agile Leader starter pack are:

  • A clearer understanding of what agile leadership means to you
  • Improved awareness of your strengths and challenges
  • Greater confidence and support in your role
  • A more engaged team and organisation allowing you to enable rather than direct
  • An external sounding board to confidentially reflect on your work
  • CPD units towards professional coaching credentials

After the starter pack, there is an opportunity to migrate to an ad-hoc less-frequent cadence as necessary or even an email support option.

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Why does an agile leader need a coach?

Agile leaders adopt a servant-leadership style, enabling those around them rather than directing, collaborating rather than controlling. You will be coaching others and helping them make decisions rather than making all of the decisions for them. Therefore it is important to walk the talk. Believing in coaching is important. Seeking out coaching yourself is an important element of that. Being an Agile Leader requires courage, vulnerability and trust. Having someone neutral and supportive who you can work through your natural concerns and questions with then reflect on your options and decisions is often a key aspect of being successful and maintaining momentum.