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I gave a talk at NDC in Oslo back in 2011 on what makes a team agile and successful plus wondering how we might be able to gauge how agile or perhaps how far along the road to succ...
Agile Coach, ScrumMaster
Another one of my talks at NDC 2011 in Oslo. This time about the definition of success for an agile organisation, the best ways to measure your progress and some of the traps to av...
Agile Coach, Agile Leader
Here I am again, talking about what success means when talking about an agile transformation at Rally's Agile Success Tour in London....
Agile Coach, Agile Leader

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I hosted the Q&A session from Rally's Agile Success Tour in London, March 2011. Panelists include David Luzquinos from Betfair and Karl Scotland and Tony Gilling from Rally....
Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, ScrumMaster
At NDC 2010 in Oslo, I did a talk which explored the theory behind self-organisation and whether this fundamental tenet of agile is useful or motivating....
Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, ScrumMaster

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