Working as a Product Manager or a Product Owner is simultaneously rewarding and challenging. Having the opportunity to create a new product that makes users’ lives easier or better is exciting and energising. However aligning, guiding, and influencing the various stakeholders can feel like herding cats.

This is a tough role to fill and requires the development and mastery of many skills, characteristics and traits. This self assessment tool is a starting point for those in this role, or looking to take on this role. It will give you a high-level snapshot of your assessment of your abilities in a number of characteristics that I have found in many great Product Owners over the years.

How It Works

You will be given a number of statements and you will be asked to assess yourself as to how much you agree with that statement in terms of your current ability.

For example, if you saw the following statement:

The team is ultimately responsible for delivery

If you agree strongly with this statement then you would score yourself high, perhaps an 8, 9 or 10 out of 10.

If you disagree strongly with this statement then you would score yourself low, perhaps a 3, 2 or 1 out of 10.

Spend a little time thinking about it but also be mindful of your instinctive response – the thought that comes to mind instantly when you read it. This can sometimes be an interesting indicator.

Welcome to our DRIVEN Self-Assessment

This is not meant to be a scientifically precise assessment tool. There are many characteristics other than these that can be useful when being a Product Owner for a team. You may score yourself differently depending on what mood you wake up in so your scores are not to be taken too literally.

The point here is for you to get an indication of your strengths, and also an indication of where you might like to focus your energies in terms of self-development.

For each statement, give yourself a score out of 10 for how well you think your current abilities and behaviours are to it. For example, if you think that statement describes you perfectly, then score yourself a 10.

Feel free to add a comment for yourself in the text box underneath. You may choose to add an example of where you demonstrated this recently or perhaps a note to yourself of how you would like to improve this area. The information in this tool is for your use only.

You can use this tool as many times as you like so feel free to come back over time and see how you are progressing but please be sure to use your real email address if you would like to receive a report for your records.

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I am able to make the necessary decisions without over-thinking them. I look for an excellent decision rather than a perfect decision.

I am comfortable delegating decisions to others.

I am not impulsive and will consciously decide to delay a decision until I have to make it. This is different to simply avoiding the decision.

I strike the right balance of questioning my assumptions, asking for help and trusting myself.


I am very comfortable prioritising multiple important requirements.

I know when a product development effort needs to be stopped and am able to remain detached enough to stop it.

I can differentiate between what is valuable and critical.

I would rather sacrifice functionality than quality or integrity.


I am well informed about the product space, the competition, our customers and users.

I am constantly gathering and analysing data and feedback about the product and its stakeholders.

I include and involve a wide range of opinions and perspectives to ensure I have access to the most rounded picture of what is going on and the options available.

Members of my team actually feel listened to and involved, even when I make a decision that they might disagree with.


I know my default style and my team can confidently predict how I will react to most situations.

I am not overly professional or overly personal; I can change my leadership style when the situation demands, not ducking the difficult decisions or conversations.

I am not worried about losing face and can let go of my good ideas when I can see they need to change.

I am able to get my vision for the product and its development clear, understandable and engaging to everyone. I am comfortable sticking to my guns when I know my vision is being potentially compromised.


I give my team a good balance of time and guidance from me and autonomy to make their own decisions.

I focus on understanding the business problems that need solving while trusting others to come up with solutions.

I am able to delegate and consult effectively leaving me enough time to collaborate on the really important decisions.

I am able to help people really understand the world of our customers and users so they can make empathic and informed decisions.


I listen to as many people as possible but remember that it is impossible for me to please and accommodate everyone.

I don't settle for the easy compromise but rather search for excellence through true negotiation.

I strive for “continual excellence” rather than perfection.

I am comfortable with experimenting (and potentially failing) in order to learn quickly.

Thanks for taking our self-assessment. If you're happy with your answers hit “Submit", if not, now's your chance to go back and review them!