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One question I get asked a lot is, “Can you be agile when your team is completely distributed across the world?” It’s a topic that more and more people have to tackle so here is...
Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, ScrumMaster
"Everyone else is better than you. You are not as good as people think you are and you are going to get found out." - Your Impostor. This underlying belief can lead to people ma...
Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, ScrumMaster
A quick reference 'cheat sheet' of Chapter 1 of my bestselling book, Scrum Mastery....

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Here are three one-page posters that summarise some characteristics of good ScrumMasters and GREAT ScrumMasters....
For the whys, the whats, the roles, the processes and the manifestos, I've put together an overview of the Scrum framework in just 10 slides. A useful starting tool or point of ref...
Agile Coach, Agile Leader, Product Owner, ScrumMaster

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