The Agile Pubcast – Episode 1 – Agile Transformational Success

January 01, 1970 Published by Geoff Watts

The Royal Well Tavern, Cheltenham, UK

An agile podcast…in a pub…an agile PUBCAST!

Paul Goddard and I got together recently to do some work on some of our upcoming collaborative efforts and decided to record our chat over lunch. There was no agenda, no script and we had not idea where it would go but we thought, what the heck let’s try a freeform agile pubcast!

As you can imagine, the conversation meandered and morphed and in no way came up with anything profound or answered any fundamental philosophical questions so in order to help you decide whether you have a listen or not, the following is what we ended up talking about:

  • How a recent Scrum user group that Paul attended was inspiring and nourishing
  • Why organisations seem to find it difficult to bring themselves to pay for coaching
  • What success might be for an organisation transitioning to agile
  • Whether doubling productivity at the expense of team happiness would be deemed success.
  • Whether Product Owners should or could be a motivating force for agile teams
  • Is it possible to motivate a Scrum team without a product owner?
  • How do you motivate a team doing a boring project like a database re-write?
  • How children’s cricket and rugby coaching apply to agile teams
  • How parents encouragement may undermine teamwork and how this might be analogous to senior management influences
  • How important and/or dangerous is charisma in a product owner?
  • Does the scrum team have to like the product owner?
  • If you have a great product owner, do you need a ScrumMaster?

If you are looking for a structured, well thought-out, scripted lesson about a topic then this isn’t for you. If you are interested in what two agile people talk about when they are in the pub without a script or an agenda, then it might be interesting. Who knows…

This is the first agile pubcast and it took place at The Tavern in Cheltenham. Geoff was drinking Bobby’s beer and Paul was drinking Dunkerton’s cider. Paul had sliders and Geoff had salt and pepper squid.

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