Episode 17 – Christmas Special, Accelerating Trust

December 06, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

For our Christmas special, we travelled to London and met up with our old friend Nigel Baker for an end-of-year episode. Actually recorded in two parts, the first conversation, in Flight Club, ebbed and flowed around topics as diverse as the American election, the changing shape of chocolate bars, Geoff’s extreme survival skills course and how board games can be helpful to agile teams.

More serious discussions focussed around how trust can be accelerated in crisis situations, how we might all be hard-wired to be a little prejudiced but how fluid and changeable these prejudices can be.

After a few rounds of darts we moved on to The Globe and, after discussing the untimely demise of both the poet Keats and the souls singer Otis Redding, we spent a bit of time comparing different part time professions to the role of the ScrumMaster.

We then debated the growth of roles such as “senior agile coach” and other “red flags” or signs that Scrum is unlikely to work in an organisation. Nigel also shares his typically forthright views on things like SAFe and too down agile implementations before we talked about the weight required to be an effective ScrumMaster and question socratically.

As we wrapped things up for the year Geoff shared his attempt at agile Christmas humour, and was roundly mocked!

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