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Scrum Mastery (German)
In diesem Buch nennt Geoff eine ganze Reihe von Geschichten und praktischen Tipps, die aus mehr als zehn Jahren Coachingerfahrung mit den verschiedensten Scrum Teams stammen und Ihnen den Weg zur Großartigkeit aufzeigen werden.
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Scrum Mastery
The basics of being a ScrumMaster are fairly straightforward: Facilitate the Scrum process and remove impediments. But being a great ScrumMaster, one who truly embodies the principles of servant-leadership and helps move a team to the high performance levels possible with Scrum, is much harder and much more elusive.
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Product Mastery
From Good To Great Product Ownership. Much has been written about how to follow the Scrum process but one of the keys to success is in the leadership skills of the product owner.
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The Coach’s Casebook
In The Coach’s Casebook you share the experience of a skilled coach meeting twelve clients, each struggling with one of the traits which every coach will face again and again in their coaching work.
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Team Mastery
A guide to getting your team from good to great with milestone cards to help chart and celebrate your journey.
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