Product Mastery

From Good To Great Product Ownership

Much has been written about how to follow the Scrum process but one of the keys to success is in the leadership skills of the product owner.

Geoff Watts

Author: Geoff Watts, One of the most experienced and respected Scrum coaches in the world.

Written by UK's Leading Scrum Master

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This book will teach you how important it is to be:

Decisive with incomplete information. Be Ruthless about maximising value and minimising risk.

Informed about your product’s domain. Versatile in your leadership style.

Empowering of project stakeholders. Negotiable while you pursue your vision.


Here's what you'll learn

What being a great product owner entails.
The soft skills required to be a great product owner.
Case studies of success.

The soft skills required to be a great product owner.

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Product Mastery

Product Mastery explores the traits of the best product owners I know, offering an insight into the difference between good and great product ownership and explaining how the best product owners are DRIVEN to be successful. In a follow up to the hugely successful Scrum Mastery, Geoff Watts shares more enlightening case studies on how to be go from good to great. This is essential reading for anyone involved in an agile product development effort.

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Reviews & Testimonials

Geoff has done a great job at distilling the soft skills product owners need to succeed. His new book is packed with practical advice to advance your skills and become a truly great product owner.
Roman Pichler, author of Strategize and Agile Product Management with Scrum
This is a book for people who want to take their Product Ownership Skills to the next level. I would also recommend it for Scrum Masters who coach Product Owners. What I particularly like about the book is - similar to the book Scrum Mastery - Geoff's approach using "good to great". Even as an experienced PO myself I saw at many sections, that I am rather in the good dimension of Product Ownership and how I can move to great
Peter Parker
Being a product owner is really difficult and great ones are hard to come by. This book will help everyone trying to fill the crucial role of product owner on agile teams.
Paul Goddard, author of Improv-ing Agile Teams: Using Constraints To Unlock Creativity

Geoff Watts

About the Author

I help individuals create great teams by developing a culture of reflection, empowerment and engagement. Having started using Scrum at British Telecom, one of the first large-scale agile adoptions, I have since coached organisations large and small through their agile journeys.