Planning Poker™️ Cards

A tool for helping your team estimate their product backlog items

Help your team estimate their product backlog or user stories by giving them each a deck of planning poker cards. Each pack contains 5 decks, colour coded for ease of use and distribution.

Geoff Watts

Author: Geoff Watts, One of the most experienced and respected Scrum coaches in the world.

Written by UK's Leading Scrum Master

Amazon #1 best seller for 6 years running

Sold over 50,000 copies

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With this resource you will learn:

Involve the whole team in estimation
Speed up and re-energise your estimation process
Improve consistency of estimates
Create a team's velocity

Speed up and re-energise your estimation process

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Planning Poker™️ Cards

Estimation is traditionally a very difficult, painful and time-consuming activity for teams. Planning poker can help teams get into a habit of creating more consistent, predictable and cohesive estimates by including everyone’s opinion, reducing anchoring and groupthink and helping them create benchmarks which they can compare future estimates to.

Planning poker will help a team create a velocity that can be used to gauge a team’s capacity and reduce the psychological game-playing associated with traditional estimation methods.


Geoff Watts

About the Author

I help individuals create great teams by developing a culture of reflection, empowerment and engagement. Having started using Scrum at British Telecom, one of the first large-scale agile adoptions, I have since coached organisations large and small through their agile journeys.