CSTRetrospectives are the heartbeat of an agile process. They are regular, built-in opportunities for the team to inspect and adapt the process they are using and find ways to become more effective. Retrospectives are often a source of inspiration and momentum for teams and are regularly cited as “the most important part” of an agile approach.

Yet, sometimes they don’t work. Sometimes teams dread the retrospective, or the same things keep coming up time and again. Sometimes, as a facilitator it feels as though nobody wants to be there. Or maybe you are just looking to get started with your first retrospective.

  • Would you like an introduction or a refresher on the purpose of retrospectives?
  • Would you like to adopt more structure to your retrospectives?
  • Would you like to learn new techniques and games to use in your retrospectives?
  • Are your team not really engaging in retrospectives?
  • Have your retrospectives become stale and boring?

This course will teach you how to structure effective retrospectives and facilitation techniques to increase engagement and action as well as practical techniques you can take away immediately and use with your team.