Introduction to Agile Leadership

Learn how leadership is key to establishing an agile culture within an organisation. Change is hard and takes time. As a leader within your organisation you will be responsible for helping establish the environment to enable and inspire change and maintaining momentum as your people navigate their way.

You will need to model the values and principles of agile in your behaviours and help tailor the procedures, policies and structures to enable and support the teams in their efforts to deliver value iteratively and incrementally while becoming more self-organising.

Private In-house Training

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You Will Learn:

  • The "why?" of agile.
  • The leadership behaviours required to start and maintain an agile transformation.
  • What challenges you can expect to face.
  • The traps to avoid when leading a change.
  • How to get started.

About Geoff Watts

I am the founder of Inspect & Adapt Ltd, an inspirational thought leader and one of the most experienced and respected agile and leadership coaches in the world.

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