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Trent House
Station Street

The Decisive Product Owner

In a follow up to his successful 2013 book Scrum Mastery, Geoff shares more enlightening case studies on how to be:

Decisive with incomplete information.

Ruthless about maximizing value and minimizing risk.

Informed about your product’s domain.

Versatile in your leadership style.

Empowering of project stakeholders.

Negotiable while you pursue your vision.

In this evening’s meetup session Geoff will share a couple of stories and dive into a couple of the traits of successful product owners, leading a discussion about how to develop and incorporate those traits into your day to day work and life. Geoff enjoys Q&A sessions so feel free to think of some topics for discussion. If you haven’t bought a copy of Product Mastery, Geoff will have a few copies available to buy on the night.

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