Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Follow the Scrum Alliance's "Path To CSP" program with this Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) class that will take your knowledge of Scrum and the Product Owner role to the next level.

This course is step 2 on the Path to CSP program, building on your CSPO qualification and hands on experience as a Product Owner. After completion of this course not only will you be a more effective Product Owner but you will also be one step away from being a Certified Scrum Professional.


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Join me and Paul Goddard on our unique two-day Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) training course where we will help you take your Product Owner skills from good to great.

Paul & I are two of the leading Scrum thinkers in the world. Having started our agile journeys helping lead one of the biggest agile transformations at British Telecom back in 2001, we have since helped companies across the world get the most out of Scrum. Between us we have authored four books, keynoted at conferences in 3 continents and recorded nearly 100 pubcasts! As well as our obvious agile backgrounds, we also have other skills such as professional coaching, improvisational theatre and sports coaching that we weave into our work to help teams and organisations grow and develop.


Product management is a tough gig! Working as a Product Manager or a Product Owner is simultaneously rewarding and challenging. Having the opportunity to create a new product that makes users’ lives easier or better is exciting and energising. However aligning, guiding, and influencing the various stakeholders can feel like herding cats.

This workshop will teach you how to master the key aspects of a product owner’s job.


This advanced course is aimed at practicing product owners who are looking to go beyond the basic mechanics of the role. This course will build on your knowledge of the Scrum framework and the techniques taught in the entry-level CSPO class by helping you understand and master the psychological and personal elements that underpin the difficulties of the role.

Great product owners are DRIVEN to be successful and this course will focus on helping you be:

  • Decisive with incomplete information.
  • Ruthless about maximising value and minimising risk.
  • Informed about your product’s domain.
  • Versatile in your leadership style.
  • Empowering of project stakeholders.
  • Negotiable while you pursue your vision.

There are a number of requirements to be eligible for the A-CSPO certification:

  1. An active CSPO certification
  2. Successful completion of the pre-work we will send you before the course
  3. Successful demonstration of knowledge of the A-CSPO learning objectives
  4. Successful completion of the post-work we will send you after the course


“I am not normally one for the gushy type compliments, but I honestly don’t think I have been quite so engaged and enthused on any other course I have attended as I have on this A-CSPO, and I would whole heartedly put this down to both Geoff and Paul’s truly inspirational coaching. The training went above and beyond what I expected; hats off to you both” – James Marston


Drawing from the lessons shared in my best-selling agile book, I will help you understand what is difficult about each of these characteristics and what you can do to make it easier.

There will be plenty of time for specific questions from attendees. After successfully completing this course you will be awarded the A-CSPO by the Scrum Alliance.


*I now offer a more flexible distance learning option for achieving your A-CSPO – find the details here.

Jane Lisbeth Olsen

Through my career I’ve seen a lot of instructors and I have to say that Geoff is the best I have ever met. The way the knowledge was presented made it interesting and the supporting exercises were very good! Before my participation a good colleague told me to wait for a Scrum course instructed by Geoff rather than participate in the first available course. And I must agree - Geoff is brilliant with a good message.

  • National Council of Psychotherapists
  • Association of Business Psychologists
  • International Coach Federation
  • Certified Scrum
  • Certified Enterprise Coach

About Geoff Watts

I am the founder of Inspect & Adapt Ltd, an inspirational thought leader and one of the most experienced and respected agile and leadership coaches in the world.

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