ORGANIC agility Foundations

Learn the fundamentals of creating an agile-supportive culture within your organisation and how to provide effective agile leadership.

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Have you had some success with agile approaches but don’t know how to scale that success within your organisation?

Do you realise that the way your organisation is set up now is not optimum for continued success in a rapidly changing world but the scaling frameworks on offer just don’t feel right?

Would you like to learn more about what the role of leadership is in an agile organisation?

Today market cycles are rapidly shortening. Organizations need to be able to change quickly from a “Sell to Make” to a “Make to Sell” approach and back.

This requires understanding

  • complex systems
  • decision making in complex environments and
  • a different organizational design and culture.

ORGANIC agility offers organisations a way to resilience, equipping them to deal with the challenges of today.

Agile vs agility

Agile started as a revolutionary call to action in software development, setting out a set of values and principles emphasizing relationships, collaboration, and value delivery.

Organisational agility or business agility goes beyond Agile. ORGANIC agility focuses on culture, innovation and adaptability, with no attachment to a specific or dogmatic approach. Organizational agility means also resilience – the ability to quickly meet changing market requirements and recover from failure safely.

ORGANIC agility is based on 5 principles. You will learn how it is important and possible to:

  • Increase cultural awareness and coherence
  • Make decisions based on situational awareness
  • Focus on value creation
  • Validate change in small increments
  • Optimise flow

Are you in a leadership position and wondering:

  • What is a leader's role in an agile transformation?
  • How do I apply agile values and principles at the organisational level?
  • How do I apply agile at the leadership level?
  • Is there an alternative to the mechanical scaling frameworks such as SAFe?
  • How do organisations handle strategy while remaining agile?

This one-day workshop will help you understand there is a more coherent approach to creating an agile culture within your organisation and that effective leadership in today’s world requires greater self-awareness and a flexible leadership style. You will explore how leaders can make more contextual decisions to drive the strategic and operational aspects of their organisation while becoming more resilient to change.

Rob Cooper

“Amazing – the best training I have ever had”.
Rob Cooper, Chief Operating Officer, ELT, Cambridge University Press

  • National Council of Psychotherapists
  • Association of Business Psychologists
  • International Coach Federation
  • Certified Scrum
  • Certified Enterprise Coach

About Geoff Watts

I am the founder of Inspect & Adapt Ltd, an inspirational thought leader and one of the most experienced and respected agile and leadership coaches in the world.

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