Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Distance Learning

Follow the Scrum Alliance's "Path To CSP" program with this Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) distance-learning course that will take your knowledge of Scrum and the Product Owner role to the next level without having to attend an in-person class.

This distance learning approach still counts as step 2 on the Path to CSP program, allowing you to build on your CSPO qualification and hands on experience as a Product Owner. After completion of the programme, not only will you be a more effective Product Owner, but you will also be one step away from being a Certified Scrum Professional.


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Public course dates don’t work? Can’t get to UK? Get certified from anywhere with my distance learning Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner course.


Please note: this course is NOT a classroom based experience. Research and reflection based modules will be completed in your own time at your own pace with coaching support from myself.


I am able to take a limited number of people through this distance learning A-CSPO option at any one time so if the course is showing as “sold out” then please get in touch to be placed on the waiting list. The dates showing here are not indicative of when you can start. Once you sign up we will agree a start date for you.


Product management is a tough gig! Working as a Product Manager or a Product Owner is simultaneously rewarding and challenging. Having the opportunity to create a new product that makes users’ lives easier or better is exciting and energising. However aligning, guiding, and influencing the various stakeholders can feel like herding cats.

This distance-learning course will teach you how to master the key aspects of a product owner’s job.

This advanced course is aimed at practicing product owners who are looking to go beyond the basic mechanics of the role. This course will build on your knowledge of the Scrum framework and the techniques taught in the entry-level CSPO class by helping you understand and master the psychological and personal elements that underpin the difficulties of the role.

Great product owners are DRIVEN to be successful and this course will focus on helping you be:

  • Decisive with incomplete information.
  • Ruthless about maximising value and minimising risk.
  • Informed about your product’s domain.
  • Versatile in your leadership style.
  • Empowering of project stakeholders.
  • Negotiable while you pursue your vision.


Drawing from the lessons shared in my best-selling agile book, I will help you understand what is difficult about each of these characteristics and what you can do to make it easier.

This Distance-Learning option is a more personalised, deeper and stickier learning experience than my A-CSPO two-day public class and involves a number of modules for a self-directed style approach, plus 1-2-1- coaching sessions with me.

Each module contains some theory and resources in a mix of formats (slides, videos, papers, books) and some questions to answer. You are expected to reflect on your role, skills and thought processes while also capturing evidence of applying the theory at work in a journal. There will be coaching calls to discuss modules and progress throughout the programme.

The 5 modules are:

  • From good to great Product Ownership
  • Road mapping and strategy
  • Product Backlog management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Product Leadership

The distance-learning A-CSPO puts more emphasis on you to do the work in your own time and, depending on your attitude and aptitude, we believe this could take anywhere from 3-18 months to complete but should be comfortably achievable within 6 months if enough focus is applied.

After successfully completing this programme you will be awarded the A-CSPO accreditation by the Scrum Alliance.


*If you prefer a classroom option, check out my two-day A-CSPO courses here.

About Geoff Watts

I am the founder of Inspect & Adapt Ltd, an inspirational thought leader and one of the most experienced and respected agile and leadership coaches in the world.

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Jane Lisbeth Olsen

Through my career I’ve seen a lot of instructors and I have to say that Geoff is the best I have ever met. The way the knowledge was presented made it interesting and the supporting exercises were very good! Before my participation a good colleague told me to wait for a Scrum course instructed by Geoff rather than participate in the first available course. And I must agree - Geoff is brilliant with a good message.

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