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The app gives you the ability to use my cards on the go without having to carry the physical cards with you.
By purchasing the digital cards, you will have access to MORE cards – with FREE UPGRADES as more cards are added.
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If you think of a great addition to one of the decks, why not create your own submit it for inclusion?
All of my coaching card packs are now available as an app on iOS and Android!
With hundreds of cards at your fingertips, you’ll be equipped with Scrum Master, Product Owner, leadership or self-reflection inspiration wherever you go while also being able to facilitate planning poker sessions or DECIDE workshops…all on your phone or tablet!
Check out this cool video of some of the features you can expect in the Agile Coaching Cards App!
"I LOVE these cards! Especially for introverts, sometimes they are unable to express themselves and this will help"
Elizabeth Marinakis
Agile Coach, South Africa
"I own these decks in physical form and knowing that they're all in my pocket at any time is so reassuring. And there are MORE DECKS HERE!!"
Jon McNestrie
Agile Coach, UK
"These cards are awesome. They really help me and the teams I work with get better every day."
Greg Pitcher
Agile Coach, New Zealand

Packs available to purchase

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Scrum Master Coaching cards

for inspiration when facilitating or coaching a team or for self-reflection on your personal development in the role.

DECIDE cards

Great for facilitating a group of people or self-organising team to come to a holistic and well-rounded decision.

Product Owner coaching cards

for the challenges with building a great product using Scrum including stakeholder management, interaction with the development team and prioritisation.

Persuasion Pack

Over 50 techniques to help you influence greater change and make things happen within your organisation.

Retrospective coaching cards

Maintain and enhance the habit of continuous improvement with these prompts for those important inspect and adapt points.

Core Values Cards

A classic tool for reflecting on one’s value drivers to allow for greater fulfilment, integrity and authenticity in one’s work.

Scrum Mastery Quote cards

For lovers of the best-selling agile book Scrum Mastery, this deck is like a set of bookmarks and highlights of the key bits of wisdom.

Product Mastery Quote cards

The most highlighted and memorable snippets of wisdom from the best selling agile product management book.
More coming soon…

What you get

5 colours of planning poker cards COMPLETELY FREE!
Agile Values & Principles cards COMPLETELY FREE!
You will receive a selection of FREE cards to ALL decks
All other cards are available to buy in bundles at 50% off the RRP
This is almost 66% cheaper than the physical decks!
“The cards are like having a little bit of Geoff in your pocket. This app is even better because they are all in the same place! I can access them quickly and easily when I need a little inspiration or nudge.”
Geoff Watts
Agile Leadership Coach

About Me

My job is to help people get from good to great in their role either through my training courses or my coaching practice. I help leaders of all types build resilient, reflective organisations and teams whilst also expanding their self-awareness and self-management.

My coaching cards have been a portable, real-time piece of coaching that thousands of people have benefitted from and turning them into an app makes that even more accessible and powerful.
I help individuals create great teams by developing a culture of reflection, empowerment and engagement. Having started using Scrum at British Telecom, one of the first large-scale agile adoptions, I have since coached organisations large and small through their agile journeys. I am at the cutting edge of the developments in the agile world and can regularly be found speaking at both international conferences and local user groups. As well as my wealth of knowledge in the agile field, I am also passionate about promoting servant-leadership through my coaching practice. I am a hugely experienced and qualified coach and passionate about promoting self-development.
"I am a member of the International Coach Federation, National Council of Psychotherapists & the Association of Business Psychologists."
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