ScrumMaster Coaching Cards

Powerful Questions for ScrumMasters

If you are a ScrumMaster, this deck of coaching cards contains over 50 questions to give you:

  • A quick and easy way to generative a fresh perspective
  • Some coaching inspiration
  • Some ideas to encourage reflection and change
  • Help in tackling tricky situations

I have found these cards really useful when looking for prompts when coaching and when also thinking about my own products! A great, handy little tool!

Aaron McKenna - Product Owner

I love the ideas proposed in these cards. They give lots of great new ideas on how to keep your retrospectives fresh and most importantly productive.

Aislinn Green

With this resource you will learn:

  • Powerful coaching questions for you and your team
  • New angles to solving tricky problems
  • Increased sense of self-management
  • Keep your retrospectives fresh
Amazon Customer

I keep this scrum master pack in my pocket and regularly pull a few cards out to get my and others brains to shift out of neutral and find different contexts for the issues we're facing. I like all the different ways you can look at a situation...it must have taken some time to boil it all down to just a few potent words on each card.

Are you bold enough to develop yourself and create great self-organising teams?

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