Retrospective Coaching Cards

Coaching Inspiration for Retrospectives

If you facilitate retrospectives this deck of coaching cards contains over 50 questions to give you:

  • Reflective questions to examine
  • Ways to freshen up your retrospectives
  • Inspiration for what to focus on
  • Reminders of what makes a great retrospective

I love the ideas proposed in these cards - one of the key issues teams encounter is when their retrospectives go stale - this pack brings lots of great new ideas on how to keep your retrospectives fresh and most importantly productive. As an agile coach this is a now an essential part of my toolkit.

Aislinn Green, agile coach

Great inspiration for our retrospectives that had become a little stale over time. Recommended.

Adrian McKenzie, Amazon

I imagine these will be helpful to ScrumMasters who are short on time and looking for inspiration before a retrospective!

Aaron, Amazon

With this resource you will learn:

  • Powerful coaching questions for you and your team.
  • New angles to solving tricky problems.
  • Increased sense of self-management.
  • Keep your retrospectives fresh.
Chris Hogben

I've used these cards in a number of retrospectives and found them great way of changing the way people think within these sessions. If you find yourself repeating the same exercises or struggling to gain new insights these cards are a great addition to your toolkit.

Are you bold enough to develop yourself and create great self-organising teams?

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