Persuasion Pack

56 techniques to help you make change happen 

Being a change agent is hard work. Getting people to come around to new ideas and change their established ways of working is not easy.
This pack of cards contains tried and tested tools and techniques to help you understand how people make their decisions, and how you can make it easier for them to consider your point of view.

Do you need to:
* Persuade someone to back your idea?
* Change someone’s mind?
* Make something happen?
* Understand why people are resisting?
* Stop being so easily manipulated?

Try these cards and see your influence increase.

Become more influential in the workplace by understanding how people think and make their decisions.

With this resource you will learn:

  • Persuade someone to back your idea
  • Change someone's mind
  • Make something happen
  • Understand why people are resisting
  • Stop being so easily manipulated
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