DECIDE Cards ™️

A Decision-Making Process For Teams

Does your team struggle to DECIDE?

Self-organisation is a great idea but many agile teams falter when it comes to making decisions as a team. This pack of DECIDE Cards ™️will give your agile team a structure and process to reach consensus in a healthy yet quick way.

These DECIDE Cards ™️- designed by agile coaches and facilitation experts Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard – are a great way to facilitate decision-making in teams that want to manage themselves rather than rely on an authority figure.

  • How do self-organising teams DECIDE?
  • How do you ensure everyone is involved without taking inordinate amounts of time?
  • How do you ensure introverts and extroverts have equal opportunity when the team comes to DECIDE?

Try these cards and see your agile team’s self-management increase.

Each pack contains enough cards for 7 participants and will:

  • Increase engagement in the decision-making process
  • Increase buy-in to decisions
  • Allow for greater breadth of solution exploration
  • Reduce the time taken to reach consensus

These really helped us make more inclusive decisions within our leadership team. Decisions that we were more engaged to stick to as well.

Tom Howlett

With this resource you will learn:

  • How to make participative decisions as a team
  • What everyone in the team feels about a decision
  • The level of support for a decision from everyone in the team
Tom Howlett

These DECIDE Cards ™️helped us make more collaborative and inclusive decisions within our leadership team; decisions that were more bought into and supported.

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