Anyone fancy a training course in the pub?

January 17th, 2017 Published by Geoff Watts

Back in May 2016, Paul Goddard and I had a silly little idea to create a podcast set in a pub. The idea was we would meet up somewhere, in a pub, have a drink and talk about whatever came to mind. We would record it and post it. Simple.


We had no idea what we would talk about, whether anyone would be interested in it or where it would lead. Amazingly (to me at least) we have now recorded over 20 of these “Pubcasts” and have had thousands of downloads.


TheAgilePubcast (4)

One question we get asked a lot is “why?”. Well, there are a number of factors not least of which that we like chatting to each other and we like pubs! However, the main reason we did this is because it was an extension of my favourite part of the training classes I run – the unscripted, free-form Q&A discussions.


All my courses have some degree of an agenda and that’s great. It allows me to prepare, allows the attendees to know what they are signing up for and, in the case of a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class, it offers the attendees the chance to earn an accreditation.


The core, pre-defined learning objectives are important and enable an across the board understanding of agile and the roles within it. However, the area that attendees often cite as the most beneficial (and I find the most enjoyable) are the “what about this…?” or “what does this really mean in practice?” type questions.


The Agile Pubcast is a way to explore some of the questions that agile teams, ScrumMasters, Product Owners and coaches face that often don’t have right answers but rather are context dependent.


Things discussed include some clearly agile-relevant topics such as the pros and cons of different sprint lengths, the challenges of multi-tasking, and the importance of teamwork to agile success, some slightly tangential topics such as mindfulness and even some conversations about the American election and the changing shape of chocolate bars!


I have a CSM training course coming up later this month and I will start the class by asking attendees what questions they want answered and will finish the class with a Q&A. If I had my way I would probably make the whole class a big Q&A discussion…in the pub! 😉


The Agile Pubcast https://soundcloud.com/the-agile-pubcast

Upcoming training courses https://inspectandadapt.com/courses-tickets/

Submit a topic for an upcoming Pubcast. jess@inspectandadapt.com

January 17th, 2017 Published by

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